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The Wallace Theatre, situated in the heart of downtown Johnson City, is dedicated not only to staging captivating shows but also to enhancing workplace dynamics through the joy and utility of improv comedy. As a vibrant component of our local community and a small business, we provide an array of workshops and performances, all customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Group Workshops: Perfect for corporate teams or private celebrations, our experienced instructors focus on skills such as team building, active listening, creative thinking, and branding. The potential applications of improvisational comedy are boundless. Tell us your objectives, and let us design a workshop to achieve them. For example, we have tailored workshops for caregivers and high school students.

Private Shows: Whether hosted at our downtown theatre or brought to your chosen venue, our specialty performances are crafted from your ideas and the audience's suggestions. If you’re feeling adventurous, we can even involve some of your team members on stage!

Performing Talent: The Wallace Theatre boasts a diverse array of performers ready to contribute to your projects. With over talented individuals all over the region capable of acting, writing, photographing, and improvising, we are equipped to assist in creating unique content.

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